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Running out Of  love

After the vacuous topicality of Shaitan, its director Bejoy Nambiar has conceived of his next project. Cloyingly enough, Tabu has apparently consented to star in it, a film titled David. However,  she will star alongside Vikram and Isha Sharvani, and just a flickering mental image of all three disparate actors sharing screenspace is making us reconsider our cynicism. Also, it’s entirely possible that we, the long-suffering audience, will countenance any kind of film, however stylistically aspirational, just to see Tabu on screen again.


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Oprah Is A Great Baby Name

Now that Oprah Winfrey’s India trip is more or less confirmed and we know she plans to visit the Jaipur Literature Festival and shoot a video with Deepak Chopra, all that is left to determine is what else she plans to do with her time. The possibilities are quite endless: she could resume contact with her ‘gay prince’ Manvendra Singh Gohil, she could be hosted by the Four Bachchans In Search Of A Baby Name or she could make a rare appearance as an interviewee on Indian television.


Emraan HashmiWhen Down Is Up

It’s only slightly ironic that the movie responsible for Emraan Hashmi’s new-found industry respectability is called The Dirty Picture. But Hashmi has been hurtling towards actualising as a caricature of himself for a while now. Thankfully, he might have a chance to break free. He could be cast by Karan Johar and Dharma Productions in Renzil D’Silva’s new film. He will also have another chance to share the screen with Vidya Balan. We are convinced that he deserves all the role diversity he is getting because no other actor has looked so consistently contrite.


Farah Khan‘Who would want to see middle-aged people kiss?’
Farah Khan
(We don’t mind. Her movie with boman irani could be welcome change)

Body Overreach

There is almost no way to ignore Jism 2. After snagging Bigg Boss expel lee Sunny Leone (presum ably she is the woman lying naked under a lace sheet on the ‘provocative’ poster), the Bhatts have made sure Dino Morea is present to lend a familiar face. Between Raaz, Jism and real-life break-ups and hook-ups, John Abraham, Bipasha Basu and Morea seem to be playing their own version of musical chairs with the industry as the backdrop. A new face to all the professional and personal swapping can’t really hurt.



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