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Free my Lips

Tongue-tied: Nargis Fakhri
Tongue-tied: Nargis Fakhri, Photo: Vinita Saini

Nargis Fakhri, a former participant in America’s Next Top Model and victim of comically bad lip-syncing in Rockstar, might just star in Krissh 2 as a villain. This news is calamitous, particularly for those who have her worse-than-early-Katrina Kaif performance in Rockstar etched deep into the inner vicissitudes of their brain. But perhaps this casting stings more because we were earlier promised by highly dubious sources that Chitrangda Singh would play the same role. Small consolation might come if Rakesh Roshan can write her a purely Englishspeaking role. She is playing a villain after all.





Count On

Who isn’t a terrorist?

Apparently, a Rs 100 crore deal has been struck and Indians will soon watch their very own version of the American TV series 24. Unsurprisingly, Anil Kapoor’s stint on the American show gives him right of way to star in the series. While we hoped this day would never come, we can see why the excruciatingly jingoistic and anti-Muslim themes of 24 could make for popular television. Twenty-four-hour television coverage of terrorism-related events had better watch out.


Jack of Many trades

Aamir Khan, even though he is not currently involved in a two-year promotion plan that resembles a strategic war mission, has many projects at hand. He is about to embark, along with Star Plus, on a TV show that brings “real stories of people to the small screen”. His stint as a TV host will hopefully not overshadow his next release, directed by Reema Kagti and starring Kareena Kapoor, now finally titled Talaash (Dhuan and The Act of Murder were understandably rejected as viable titles).


‘I am uncomfortable speaking in English’
Akshay Kumar
(remarkably finding yet another way to be populist ahead of Desi Boyz release)


Sex Scenery

Freida Pinto, whose starring role in the genre-bending movie Immortals is dramatically adding to her real Hollywood actress aura, has landed herself in a uniquely Bollywood body double controversy. After the usual proclamations that she partook in “daring” and “bold” scenes in director Tarsem Singh’s ‘Caravaggio-meets-Fight Club’ film, she blandly announced at the premiere that she wasn’t even asked to do the sex scenes. Perhaps this story points to a sad state of affairs in which the reputation of Indian actresses has spread so far that nobody asks them to shoot sex anymore.

‘I used to trust people, but I have learnt to be
selfish ‘

Manjari Fadnis 24, Actress

WHO This army officer’s daughter realised she wanted to act when she won the best actress award in a Class XII play. Her Bollywood debut was in Mumbai Salsa with Vir Das. She is best known as Imran Khan’s girlfriend in Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. The multilingual actress is shooting for a Kannada movie. She has sung for upcoming international album Beat Beyond Borders.

Looking back at Manjari the child, who dreamt of being a filmstar, what would you tell her?
I would say… Baby, still working on your big dream. Long way to go. But we’ll get there soon.

Did your army background help with your glamour industry career?
Yes, definitely. I got to travel to many places and meet different people. I learnt to adjust and relate to them at many levels. I’ve developed a quality that helps me get along with people of different languages and regions. People feel comfortable with me. It helps me as an actor as I like to believe my audience relates to me. Travelling also gave me a lot more confidence, which is always important.

One vice from your childhood that you retained and one positive habit that you have lost?
One childhood vice is my sweet tooth from hell. And a positive habit I’ve lost is that I used to be a very trusting person who did a lot for others. I’ve realised not everyone is good-hearted. People can be manipulative. I’ve learnt to be selfish.

Rate yourself, out of 10, as a risk taker.
10/10. Risk taking is like a leap of faith. I believe I’m a protected child of God and will be taken care of. After all, it was a big risk just packing my bags and coming to Mumbai all alone, immediately after Class XII, to try my luck in the film industry. I did this without any godfather in the industry.

Everyone is said to have multiple personalities and usually only one dominates over the others. Does that hold true for you?
I do switch effortlessly from being a saint to absolute impatience, from being lazy to a crazy hurricane, from being highly disciplined when it comes to work to being the easiest person, from getting angry at the smallest thing to being endlessly blissful most of the time. And most importantly, from being a demure, naïve and vulnerable girl to fighting for myself against anyone trying to take advantage of me.

Koshtub Vohra

First look: Works in the making

Wheels Of Glory. On the heels of F1, comes Delhi’s inaugural Freestyle Moto XXX. Fans of the extreme sport will get to watch top international motocross riders perform jaw-dropping, gravity-defying stunts, previously seen only on television. All this on a 15 foot long dirt ramp.
Where: Leisure Valley, Sector 29, Gurgaon
When:26 November


For The Soul. Here’s something for music lovers in Kolkata. Congo Square is holding its 8th Annual Jazz Fest, with performances by the Warren Walker Trio, and Prasanna and the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music Faculty Band among many others.
Where: Dalhousie Institute, Kolkata
When: 25-27 November



Around The World. Mumbai gets its share of the World Music Night. Up on stage will be Boi Akih, an Indonesian vocalist trio, and Izaline Calister, who will bring elements of folk and Afro- Caribbean music.
Where: The Blue Frog,
Lower Parel, Mumbai
When: 23 November




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