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Kangana Ranaut
Harking back Kangana Ranaut, Photo: AFP

Kangana’s Label woes

From being Sonam Kapoor’s rival label fetishist, Kangana Ranaut has decided to be the new Rekha and Smita Patil hybrid. She feels her role as John Abraham’s love interest in the gangster flick Shootout at Wadala is similar to “the roles Rekha and Patil played in the ’70s and ’80s”. Even if we pardon the opacity here (which film? what role?), someone tell Bollywood star lets the age-old strategy of letting PR man agers discreetly plant labels for you. Given Ms Ranaut’s acquaintance with Salman Rushdie, history will decide if she’ll be remembered as The Enchantress of Florence or Shalimar the Clown.


Photo: KPN

The Real McCoy

Delhi-based transporter Gurmeet Sethi has tremendous potential. Not because of his business acumen but because of his uncanny resemblance to the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. Once a member of the Congress party, he recalls a meeting where Sonia Gandhi kept mistaking him for the real deal. Currently starring in a film about dowry laws by Suhaib Ilyasi (of India’s Most Wanted fame), Sethi “enjoys” looking like the Prime Minister and even carries around pictures of himself with the PM for impromptu games of ‘spot the difference’.


Kareena KapoorAgent Too Much Honesty

Director Sriram Raghavan recently remarked that the hardest thing about making Agent Vinod was getting Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor to “detach from their real selves and portray different characters” — in other words, act. Another admission from Raghavan, which might add some perspective to the recent Saif-spurred slapgate, was that “action is not Kareena’s cup of tea”. There go all your theories about Saif trying to impress his leading lady with a newly acquired machismo.


‘I don’t make films for money’
Sajid Khan
(Looking for new ways to explain his lack of commercial success)

Sajid KhanGender Bender

We are accustomed to actresses quitting films, staying at home and speaking of “deeper fulfilment” once they have a baby. Ranvir Shorey bucked the trend when he complained this week about professional life post parenthood. Shorey shared on a microblogging site that the toughest thing about going to work was leaving his baby at home. One cannot help but dream that Shorey will turn into the poster-boy for stay-at-home dads seeking deeper fulfilment and send Konkona back to us for some shallow screen success.



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