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 Rooney Mara
Fine print Rooney Mara, Photo: AFP

Scissor Bites

We are almost glad that David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo won’t make it to Indian screens. Fincher’s adamant stance against chopping the film is admirable. More than a stand of moral integrity against censorship, most fans of the book and the original Swedish movie know that it would seriously impede the plot to cut out sexually graphic scenes. If the Indian censors have their way, the movie might have to collapse into its own trailer. Of course, torrent sites will have to work overtime to make up for our lack of Rooney Mara.



DhanushWhy this sleazy timing?

In some ways, Kolaveri Di really did seal Dhanush’s fate and we all knew to expect a timely Bollywood debut. Thankfully though, it seems to be happening with a promising project and a promising director. Anand Rai, the maker of Tanu Weds Manu, will direct Dhanush paired with a Bollywood heroine. The phrase ‘romantic drama’ is being bandied about, which is hardly surprising considering that it is a genre synonymous with Dhanush’s Tamil film career.



Raj BabbarHow little? How late?

Considering how many books there are in the world, we can say with near certainty that there is no Bollywood personality whose autobiography we can fully read. Skim, yes. Pore over and read cover to cover, no. However, the one book we intend to read is the proposed Raj Babbar autobiography telling his side of the events surrounding Smita Patil’s death. He will also cover his relationship with his son Prateik, who famously dropped the last name Babbar.


Points For Effort

Another year passes by and rather symptomatically, another year without Filmfare award surprises. Ranbir Kapoor and Vidya Balan take the Best Actor and Actress awards respectively, while Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara wins all the other prizes worth noting. What we have irrevocably come to accept about Filmfare is that one wins simply for attempting not to be your usual screen self. The moment Ranbir Kapoor played a character with visible angst and Vidya Balan let herself be shamelessly sexualised, their wins were a done deal.



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