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Neil Nitin Mukesh
Photo: Vijay Pandey

Is Neil Nitin Mukesh formidable or are the rules different for men? The idea of Neil doing full frontal for his next movie Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail, has reduced the nudge-nudge wink-wink masses into respectful questions. Polite coughs punctuate the conversation as he is asked about ‘boldness’ — a delightful euphemism. Neil thinks the most admirable example of cinematic boldness is Kate Winslet in Titanic. We think the biggest example of boldness is Bhandarkar talking about good taste and aesthetics.


Hrithik Roshan
Mountains out of anthills Hrithik Roshan denies splitting up with wife Suzanne

Millions of papers have been sold on the elaborate denial of the rumour that Hrithik Roshan and wife Suzanne Khan are living apart over Barbara Mori. When we heard the couple was experiencing domestic tumult only because their house had been taken over by white ants, we were satisfied with the supernatural element we always look for in Hrithik Roshan stories (because what else can explain such perfection?) But more was to come. Now we hear exact accounts of the quality of the feather beds in the (Rs 2.5 lakh per day) hotel suite the Roshans are staying in. Roshan’s back hurt on them. Apparently, in his case the fairytale pea is not necessary.


Mallika SherawatMillions of Mallika

Whose milkshake is better than Mallika Sherawat’s? We will never know because all we have coming out of our ears right now is the exact recipe for the berry milkshake named after dear Ms Sherawat by a Hollywood restaurant. It was bad enough that everyone was behaving like Priyanka Chopra had been handed a Nobel Prize for being invited to wear a giant shiny headdress and perform at the opening of a Dubai resort. But our standards even for disproportionate self-congratulation are dropping. It’s a milkshake!


Paper Tiger Prowls Again

It is going to start all over again. The Slumdog madness, we mean. Aravind Adiga’s bookThe White Tiger is going to be adapted for cinema by John Hart, director of Revolutionary Road. Adiga, at these very early stages of the hoopla, is keeping his sense of humour. When asked who he would like to play Balram Halwai and his boss, Adiga responded, “Rajnikanthdoing a double role.”


Deepak Bhardwaj ‘How can a poor candidate serve the poor? Rich ones can help better’

Deepak Bhardwaj (The BSP candidate on why he thinks parties should nominate more rich candidates)






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