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Double Whammy

If you would rather read about Soha Ali Khan than her quasi sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor, take heart. In May this year, you can watch Khan in 99, a comic caper that stars Kunal Khemu and the eternally cheerful Cyrus Broacha. We will then have the dubious pleasure of watching her with Emraan Hashmi in Tum Mile, which is getting very good previews for its recreation of the 2005 Mumbai floods. Of course, the two get trapped in the floods together. Have we made that terrible joke about our filmmakers turning from disatstrous flicks to disaster flicks? We have? Sorry.

Sitting prety Shriya saran play's God's most beautiful creation in her latest movie
Sitting prety Shriya saran play’s God’s most beautiful creation in her latest movie

Power of One

No matter what you thought after seeing Mission Istanbul, Shriya Saran has incandescent sex appeal. Her public appearances in clothes that remind you of the worst of the 1980s work against her. But what is really retro is the insane quotes. Recently around the release of Ek: The Power of One, she was asked about her role. The girl replied in this windy and astonishingly coy manner. “I play Bobby Deol’s love interest Preet, a cute girl who thinks that she is the most beautiful girl God has created! She’s not arrogant but very naïve, like she keeps asking God why he has made her so beautiful.” Yo Saran, coy is not working for you.

The Plastic Truth

Maybe something is in favour of democracy after all. And maybe like a few good men, we can’t handle the truth. Certainly we were rocked back on our heels when one of the presenters at the Pantaloon Femina Miss India annouced that all the girls need is thodi si attitude and thodi si surgery. And the Miss India girls are given access to an in-house plastic surgeon. Forgive us if we spend the rest of the week squinting at the winners’ pictures.

Not So Well Boswell

Not since you broke up with your best friend in fourth standard because she stole your pink pencil, has anyone’s friendship break-up caused so much talk. Mushtaq Sheikh, once Shah Rukh Khan’s best friend, is not his friend any more. Woe! But one difference between you and Mushtaq: you looked sad and scratched on desks. Sheikh talks and talks and talks to the press. How lucky that his friendship ended around the time his second SRK biography released. “How he manages to be so sexually-agile without smooching a heroine is something I wanted to know about,” he says


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