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Crusader Mona Eltahawy
Photo: Arun Sehrawat

The Good Fight

Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy has turned down a plea bargain and agreed to stand trial for her vandalism of anti-Muslim posters put up by conservative blogger Pamela Geller in the New York subway in September. She says that she is looking forward to standing trial and would vandalise the posters again. The plea bargain would have included two days of community service, a $200 fine for paint removal and nearly $800 for damaging Gucci sunglasses belonging to the woman who tried to stop her.



Photo: AFP

Aqua Man

Shekhar Kapur’s Next

Six years after his last feature film Elizabeth: The Golden AgeShekhar Kapur has announced plans for a collaboration with Yash Raj Films next year. Paani will be an ambitious project about a dystopian future, where wars over water have broken out all over the world and international corporations use thirst as a weapon for global domination. Kapur had earlier dismissed rumours that Danny Boyle would produce the film. He says the scale of the production means that YRF is the perfect home for the film.


Who, Me? Sourav Ganguly
Photo: AFP

Chinese Whispers

A friend recently dropped the bombshell that Sourav Ganguly would appear in Dabangg 2. The story checked out on Wikipedia, but seemed highly suspicious. Turns out, it originated in a Faking News article, which a celebrity gossip website had included in an article on Dada’s future projects. Hindustan Times gave it credence by including it in their gossip column last May, citing a “source in the unit”. TV channel E24 then carried it, and two weeks later, the Wikipedia page was updated, the site’s log reveals. A cautionary tale for columns like this one.


Photo: Mayur Bhatt

‘It is not a fight among equals’

Shweta Bhatt (Announcing her candidacy for Narendra Modi’s pocket borough of Maninagar)



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