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Homeless Sunny Leone
Homeless Sunny Leone

Unwelcome wagon

Sunny Leone may have made her way into the hearts of Jism-watchers everywhere. However, finding the right high-rise in Mumbai is still proving to be hard. Leone and her husband Daniel Weber have reportedly called in various real estate agencies to help them zero in on a house, but the good people in the suburbs do not want an adult film star living in their neighbourhood. Who will rescue the fair maiden in distress? Hasn’t anyone, except us, seen The Girl Next Door?


A Lot Like Love

Kangna Nurses A Broken Heart

Here is another damsel in need of some TLC. Kangna Ranaut has asked her family to move in with her to fight off the impending loneliness, while she recovers from her break-up with British doctor Nicholas Lafferty. Apparently, Lafferty was rather keen to tie the knot and settle down with Ranaut, whom he met during a vacation in India. However, the actor “chose her career” instead. Whatever happened to transcontinental romances?



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In The Family

It’s so unusual to see AR Rahman display more than just a serene smile even at the most thrilling moments. That is why his excitement these days is infectious. Currently working on his upcoming home production, Rahman has another reason to celebrate — the yet-to-be-titled film for children will also star his 10-year-old son AR Ameen. Feeding the media this titbit, Rahman is keeping all other details secret. Well, at least till December, which is when he has promised to reveal more.


‘Sridevi’s eyes speak a million words’

Mehdi Nebbou (The French actor, proving Indians don’t need English Vinglish)


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