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Katrina Kaif has always had a rather uncomplicated appeal but this is a whole new ball game. Kaif is going to be starring in three music videos for an album of nursery rhymes. Of course the actual music for the nursery rhymes has been composed by AR Rahman. Rahman is reimagining the nursery rhymes for, we imagine, the cutting edge threeyear- old. This project would be a rather deadly and irresistible cue for most stars to say something deep. We have faith in Kaif ’s ability to say anything wonderfully fresh. And we were right. “I love working with kids. So it’d be a special treat hopefully for the kids as well,” said Kaif sagely.



Designer love Susmita Sen, Sanjana and Salman Khan at jon’s show

Sanjana Jon’s rather mawkish idea for her fashion show at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week went through without too many murmurs. First the show was dedicated to her brother Anand Jon who was recently sentenced to 59 years in prison for sexual assault. Then to walk her clothes — which more professional designers have sniffed at — she brought on celebrity siblings such as Salman Khan-Sohail Khan, Sushmita Sen-Rajiv Sen, Riya Sen-Raima Sen. The idea was, she said, to spread the ‘the strength of love amongst siblings and family in India’. It would have helped us to ignore our skin crawling if her press conference had not ended in a stampede.



Is it time for an intervention for sweet Cyrus Broacha? Why is one of our most relaxed comedians playing characters called Jolly Maker in a movie called Fruit & Nut? A movie so bad that film critics are refusing to write reviews for it. Is that all Broacha can find to do?



The launch of William Dalrymple’Nine Lives was a great excuse for people to contemplate circus-like book promotions and why Baul musicians seem to follow Dalrymple everywhere he goes lately. It was also an excuse to trot out old Dalrymple stories. One young woman had the excellent if decade-old story of inviting Dalrymple for a talk to St. Stephen’s College and waiting for hours with a dwindling audience. Eventually the student escort turned up with Dalrymple in tow. The delay, she explained, was because Dalrymple wanted to stop on the way to buy jewellery for his wife.


Compiled by NISHA SUSAN