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Perfectionist Aamir Khan
Photo: AP

Devil in the Details

So you have a blockbuster-in-waiting that you want to market. The standard strategy for Bollywood is to show up for softball interviews on news channels and a few marketing campaigns for your sponsors. But, if you’re Aamir Khan, you go the whole hog. The weekend saw two special hour-long episodes of CID, with Aamir playing his character from upcoming filmTalaash, who is roped in by ACP Pradyuman and his merry men to nab a serial killer who targets policemen. If only he had given the crew some pointers on acting, writing, directing… pretty much anything to make the show any better.


Full House

PR Tricks For Bigg Boss

Nothing says good taste like Bigg Boss. As ratings tank, as they always do when Navjot Singh Sidhu is your biggest draw, the TV show is pulling out all the stops to grab eyeballs. Rakhi Sawant has historically been the default option, and the show brought her back as an inhabitant of the neighbouring house. They also brought in Jyoti Amge, the Guinness World Record holder for being the world’s shortest woman. Amge is enjoying the spotlight, and wants to star in a movie with host Salman Khan.


Jail Break

Songs of freedom Kazi Nazrul Islam

For the lakhs of people who attended the India International Trade Fair in the Capital, the weekend was a mad rush to get the best deals on products from all over the world. For 43 inmates from correctional homes in West Bengal, however, it was a brief taste of freedom, as they enjoyed a special 10-day parole to sing and dance in a tribute to Bengali poet and revolutionary Kazi Nazrul Islam. With trips to see the sights of Delhi and five days of home leave thrown in, Nazrul’s music now transc ends not only cultures and history but also prison walls.



‘I cannot account for their lack of wisdom’

Ram Jethmalani (Targeting Gadkari, Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj for damaging the BJP’s reputation)



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