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Compiled by Ajachi Chakrabarti

Win-win Yann Martel
Photo: AP

Slouching Tiger

Authors tend to fear the on-screen adaptations of their books. Yann Martel, however, seems pretty cool about it. “If it turns out that it’s panned, which I highly, highly doubt, I’ll say it’s not my movie, it’s Ang Lee’s. If it’s praised, if it wins Oscars, I’ll say, it’s based on my book. Either way, I win,” he declared. If the author of Life of Pi is very serene about this week’s release of the film based on his best-selling novel, it’s the kind of serenity that’s bolstered by a Booker Prize and nine million copies sold. Or perhaps it is a serenity inspired by the composite of three religions that Pi Patel practises.


Clone Wars

Photo: Mayur Bhatt

Modi To The Future

As comparisons go, Star Wars’ Emperor Palpatine is probably not a desirable doppelgänger to acquire weeks before an election. Unless, of course, you’re Narendra Modi. And so, the masses are treated to the spectacle of Modi addressing four rallies simultaneously, using 3D projection technology. Unlike Palpatine (“I AM the Senate!”), he restricted himself to humbler allusions to Hanuman and Ganesha’s mouse.Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose:in holograph, as in life, Modi is hard to pin down.




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