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Arjun Rampal
Photo: Tarun Sehrawat

We like Arjun Rampal even when he looks vague, especially when he looks villainish. But naive excitement is just not doing anything for us. Especially the brand of naive excitement that Indian stars put on when approached for miniscule to non-existant roles in international projects (Sridevi ‘s legendary conversation with Spielberg ji would fall in this category.) So no, we do not share your excitement that Rampal starred in an Schweppes ad with Nicole Kidman or saw her working out in a gym.


Mallika Sherawat
Pure for sure Mallika Sherawat is declared pure by the Shankaracharya

Somewhere Mallika Sherawat is having the very last laugh possible in the chronology of comeuppance laughter. She has been given the ISO mark of purity by Shreemad Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji. The Swamiji who had specially invited Sherawat to be part of a ceremony in his Gokarna ashram announced to the world that she had a pure soul. The actress, after offering her prayers and receiving these benedictons, broke ground for the building of a special Hanuman temple near a cave, where Lord Hanuman, the reigning deity of virtue and celibacy, is believed to have been born.


The Mouths Of Babes

In 2008, when the world exclaimed in shock at Sreesanth being hit by Harbhajan Singh, two unduly pert South Indian child stars disagreed. The twins said, “He should have been hit more”. This week, when asked whether he was seeing young Kannada star Daisy Bopanna, Sreesanth said ‘I don’t think that I would stoop so low that I have to date an unknown, struggling actor. This Daisy is not Angelina Jolie that I’m going to remember her face.” Far be it from us to encourage bratty behaviour but we just might agree with the kids.


Coy Positions

Following the success of Anuja Chauhan, another ad executive wins the romance writing stakes. Fourty four year old Milan Vohra is going to be the first Indian Mills&Boon novelist. She won a M&B talent hunt with her short story, The Love Asana — where love reportedly conquers all in a yoga class. The excerpt, however, does not look even half as fun as The Zoya Factor.


Asin ‘My name means pure. ‘A’ is from Sanskrit and ‘Sin’ is from English’

Asin (The Malayali star on the origins of her rather unusual name )





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