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We have had decades of wincing at Kamal Hasan interviews. His daughter Shruti has barely started and we are already worried. Hopefully, she was wildly misquoted but these are gems that swam to our vision. Imran Khan, her old friend and co-star in Luck, thinks of her as a younger sister but that does not stop her from romancing him on screen. Must she say everything coy that occurs to her? Next, she says bikinis are fine, bikinis are wonderful. She would wear one but her father must not be in the same film.



You may think that Bollywood award shows are only about gay jokes of such stupendous terribleness they could make the queer movement an armed revolution. You are wrong because it is now (hopefully) about middle-aged filmmakers with middling portfolios getting uppity. At the IIFA award ceremony, Ashutosh Gowarikar startled everyone by announcing that he wished Aishwarya Rai had won the award for his film Jodhaa Akbar rather than Priyanka Chopra for Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion.He added that Jaya Bachchan thought so too. Cut to an outraged Bhandarkar and vaguely embarrassed Bachchan. The only curiosity we have is about the refreshments available that makes the bull elephants charge about in such a crowd-pleasing manner.



Finally you can sleep easy at night. We know you worried about it but Kareena Kapoor is not a feminist. She has reassured her fans that though she plays a feminist in her new film Kambakth Ishq, in real life she is sweet and sensitive. This is clearly a film that will make Dashavataram-like demands on Kareena because she plays a surgeon who moonlights as a supermodel and also, as we have been told, a woman who is not sweet.




A pretty starlet auditions for a role in Kannada film Porki, the remake of a Telugu hit called Pokiri. Later, she announces she was rejected because she was too thin. Cease and desist on the porcine jokes. Pretty little Catherine, model-turned-actress is headed to the Tamil movie industry. And the mysterious words above (for the linguistically challenged) mean: loafer.



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