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Salman KhanFull House

When Salman Khan promised us that this year, his show would keep it ‘parivarik’, we should have known he meant that Bigg Boss 6 would turn into a saas-bahu soap, as opposed to becoming “suitable for family viewing”. This season has all the makings of a an epic drama — one estranged model-couple, a recently divorced TV-actor pair and a reality show contestant making eyes at the show’s host every time they meet on camera. Will true love have its way? Will the far-from-coy Sara Khan be dilwala Salman’s lucky dulhaniya in a shocking finale? Watch, and despair.


Priyanka ChopraGodmother?

PC and Her Chicks

For those who believed Bollywood was an absolute patriarchy, Priyanka Chopra might be staging a revolution, one sister at a time. After taking Parineeti Chopra under her gilded wings, she is ready to introduce another bird to the industry flock — cousin Barbie Handa. Apparently, a “trained Bollywood dancer” (did we miss the memo when this became a certified genre?), Barbie has performed in a few films down South and is looking forward to her Bollywood sojourn. With a name like that, dollface, we know you can’t be a pushover.


Preity ZintaDivine Providence

Preity Zinta might have effectively managed to shut everyone up from trolling her comeback film, Ishqk in Paris, by suggesting that it was His Holiness the Dalai Lama who recommended she return to acting. Thankfully, we have discovered in time that His Holiness, in fact, merely told Zinta to “play in her own field” if she wanted to “win” — a statement aphoristic enough for us to heave a sigh of relief over, and return to dishing out unbiased snark, guilt free.



Farah Khan
Photo: AFP

‘He can’t bear Halkat Jawani’

Farah Khan (on her four-year-old son Czar’s highly developed aural tastes)


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