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Making a small mark Preeti Desai
Making a small mark Preeti Desai

Compiled by Poorva Rajaram

Original winner, who?

Former Miss Britain 2006 through bizarre circumstances (the disgraced winner was forced to give up her crown) Preeti Desaiwas the first “woman of colour” to win the title. Desai has been nipping around the peripheries (brand ambassador for Provogue, a blink-andyou- miss debut with Shor in the City) of Bollywood for the past few years, but her first real dent came recently. She is Abhay Deol’s girlfriend but he apparently doesn’t believe in marriage. The enigma of his oh-soindieness is crashing rapidly now that we know he is not covertly dating a women’s rights activist.


Top Dog

How to make 0 and 3 mistakes

After permanently imprinting our lives with his wry-but-tortured Imraan in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara,Farhan Akhtar will proceed as an actor, director and the Point Of Interest In Your Life. He has been cast in the latest Chetan Bhagatadaptation, The 3 Mistakes Of My Life, to be directed by Abhishek Kapoor. Akhtar will play a cricketer, and one can only presume this is a walk in the park after nearly getting gored by a bull. Let’s not forget a little Farhan venture called Don 2 that will careen into the screens this December


Award for The best Villain

Anupam Kher has been sued for Rs 2.5 crore for reneging on a contract. In a ridiculously captivating story that could only help the producers ofGandhi to Hitler, Kher is being accused of declining to play Adolf Hitler to cushion his fans from seeing him in a moustache (all this, after signing a contract).  And he has had to do an active job of defending himself from “publicity seekers”. Whatever actually happened, Kher has landed himself a place in litigation history.


Salman Khan“I need an extra 20 years to be Rajinikanth”

Salman Khan
(Either exhibiting humility uncommon to Bollywood or forgetting which league to play in)


Risen From Ash

Any more reporting on the will-she won’t-she saga that is Heroine and we are just doing Madhur Bhandarkar indiscriminate favours. Last heard, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan became a momto- be, forcing Bhandarkar to rethink the fate of his project. Here is the news: Kareena “original choice” Kapoor is the new Heroine, will look great with Arjun Rampal, and will, we hope, contribute to a watchable movie. We are hardly surprised, seeing as Heroine had accumulated far too much publicity and inertia to not take place somehow.

Kunaal Roy Kapur
Kunaal Roy Kapur 31, Actor and Director


‘Strange things are possible in Mumbai’

WHO Born in Mumbai, Kapur forayed into the world of theatre at the age of 13. Having directed the film The President Is Coming, Kapur was recently seen in Aamir Khan’s Delhi Belly. His elder brother Siddharth is the CEO of UTV Motion Pictures and younger brother Aditya is an actor and former VJ. Kapur’s wife Shayonti is an interior designer. They have two kids.

By Shinjini Datta

While growing up, what was the one thing about Mumbai that fascinated you?
One thing about Bombay (yes, I still prefer the old name) that has always fascinated me is its will to survive. By this, I do not necessarily mean anything related to terrorism. Mumbai is too fast and people need to survive in the city. But again, it is a land of opportunities. Strange things are possible here.

Your surname is rather unusual. Is there a story behind it?
Basically, my paternal grandparents were from Lahore. They had a store called Roy Brothers, which is an anglicised form of Ray. We were Kapurs and this Roy somehow latched on to our surname. This is what I was told; I do not know how near or far it is from the reality (laughs).

Your brothers Siddharth and Aditya are in the entertainment business. Is there an urge to outshine the others?
I have been acting since the age of 13 and always wanted to be in the entertainment business. As brothers, we argue about things we like and do not like, and often take each other’s opinion. But we do not force it down each other’s throat. Each one of us has made our journey to this industry without anyone’s help and we respect each other for that.

Acting, direction or photography. Where does your heart lie?
Direction and then acting and photography. Being an actor and a photographer, I have learnt a lot about direction and it never ceases to fascinate me.

Like your character in Delhi Belly, are you a happy person in real life too?
(laughs) In real life, I am quite a cynical person. I am critical of my work and the world around me in general. But I also feel one should live life without any regrets. I do not regret what I have done so far as that would mean I want to be someone different.

Shinjini Datta is a Trainee Reporter with Tehelka.
[email protected]

First look: Works in the making

Remembering shaw. Naseeruddin. Shah’s new production is based on three short pieces by eminent Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw. These include Village Wooing,one-act play How He Lied to Her Husband and a long poem English Pronunciation that deals with the ordeals of spoken English. Catch a glimpse of the performance in Bengaluru.
Where:Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bengaluru
When:20 August


The Midas Touch.The Brooklyn Bridge, directed by Akshay Gandhi, is a play that revolves around the lives of those who were involved in the construction of the iconic bridge in New York.
Where:Kh Kala Soudha, Bengaluru
When:13-14 August


Timeless bond. Natural Bodies, Subverted Canons is a collection of artworks by artists across generations like Arup Das, FN Souza and Faiza Butt, among others.
Where:D-178, Okhla Phase 1, New Delhi
When:On till 6 August



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