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Brother bother Rani Mukerji
Brother bother Rani Mukerji
Photo: AFP

Compiled by Nishita Jha

Keep it Zipped

Not so long ago, we wondered if Rani Mukerji stayed away from social media like her peers to maintain a Rekha-like mystique. It turns out that the directive to keep her lips sealed came from none other than beau Adi Chopra, who is not a big fan of kiss and tell. If only Rani’s brother Raja Mukerji would take some lessons in etiquette from Adi — this week, the Versova Police Station had to remand him into custody as a 40-year-old scriptwriter complained that Raja tried to molest her in a car on the way to a meeting. Aiyya, so much for a low profile.


Photo: AFP

Step Up

Saifeena’s Night Out

You have got to love the Mumbai Police for trying to keep the peace in a city full of brats. Newly-wedded lovebirds Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor played host to a small group at their flat in Bandra this week. The police came a-knocking at the witching hour to warn Bebo and her nawab about the loud music, only to find the couple most contrite. Barely an hour later, Halkat Jawani was back on the boombox till the wee hours of dawn, and this time, the music was allowed to play on and on.


The Emperor’s New Threads

Looks like Anil Kapoor’s self- promotion is working wonders on some people, even if it’s not us. Or maybe Dolce and Gabbana saw pictures of Sonam Kapoor on the red carpet and decided her daddy was one cool cat — either way, we’re in a state of happy shock over the fact that the Italian designers have chosen the Slumdog Millionaire actor to model their clothes. Given that there has been no confirmation from the designer duo, this could just be Kapoor’s PR machine weaving a tall tale.


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