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Kareena Kapoor
Oiling the PR machine Kareena Kapoor
Photo: Fotocorp

The Paper Says So

The Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor wedding might be our William-weds-
 moment. As the day draws closer, Saifeena’s publicity imps are making sure that reams of news stories demolish a few rainforests. First, we were primed with details of how their romance began (on the sets of Tashan, when Bebo spotted Saifu sunning by the pool). Then, we were told about the 15 varieties of Jaipuri paan to be served at Pataudi. In the latest edition, we find that Pranab Mukherjee has received a personal invitation to the ceremony. The fine print that binds should be in the pre-nup, guys, not the papers.


Saroj KhanStep Up

Khan Climbs Cultural Cliffs

God bless Saroj Khan. If it weren’t enough to host your own television show, in addition to teaching an entire generation of actresses how to dance, Khan has now flown off to New York to show Americans how to lachkao theirkamariya. Highly pleased with her new charges at the Institute of Bollywood Dance and Film, Khan has only one complaint to make — she is having a hard time schooling her American students to emote shyness, because “it is just not in their nature”.


Bedabrata PainHead Of The Class

The newest addition to the film industry, director Bedabrata Pain, might give his pedigreed peers a reason for envy. One of the inventors of the active pixel sensor, used to develop the world’s smallest camera, Pain actually has 87 patents in his name till date. He gave up a job at NASA to direct Chittagong, which tells the story of Bengali freedom fighter Surya Sen. This is one bhadralok who has already graduated with top honours.


Sonakshi Sinha‘I’m busier than most girls in skirts’

Sonakshi Sinha (Defending her Indian image, and leaving much to the imagination)



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