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Deja View

Remember when Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai’s relationship ended? Remember the columns urging her to leave him, leave him now? Remember your first flabbergasted moment when you saw Sneha Ullal in Lucky, dressed alternately as jailbait and as a costumed Aishwarya Rai? You may be creeped out all over again. There is already some muttering about how Khan’s heroine in Veer resembles Katrina Kaif. Lisa (ahem) Lazarus, British beauty queenturned- Bollywood heroine, plays an Indian princess in Veer. And now the wait to see what else she plays in Veer.


Prize Package

We are always happy to have the Vodafone Crossword book awards upon us. This year, though, brows have been furrowed by the fiction award going jointly to Amitav Ghosh for Sea of Poppies and young Neel Mukherjee’s first novel Past Continuous. As a result, the loud demand that is being made right now is that the organisers create a ‘Best Debut Novel’ category next year. Meanwhile, we continue to be amused by the young people who, after the awards, dragged off the very urbane Ghosh to the appropriately named Mumbai pub Ghetto to celebrate.


Diet Another Day

We wish someone would give Rujuta Diwekar, author of the smash hit Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight an award for Most Original Voice. While condemning folks who think they can compensate for nights of utter gluttony by drinking only karela juice the next day, she says, “Compensation diets work if you think the rape is justified by the marriage.” The profusion of detail in the book as Diwekar lists some clients’ habitual diets, is we suppose, to shock you into examining your own lifestyle. But oh, the juicy schadenfreude before you do.


Holmes Sweet Holmes

This is beginning to look like a fun year for fans of crime fiction. Apart from a steady trickle of murder mysteries in the last six months, there is something special for Sherlock Holmes fans. It has been a while since The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes, that wonderful pastiche by Jamyang Norbu. Early notices say good things about Partha Basu’s The Curious Case of 221 B, which takes off, strangely enough, from 1970s Deogarh.


‘Kareena has worked hard. She spent 18 hours trying on all her outfits’

Aki Narula (The fashion designer, explaining Kareena Kapoor’s preparation for Kambakkht Ishq)





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