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Daughters Of Barbaria

Hurrah, there’s another daughter to be excited about. Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi is going to, we hope, provide us with more of the wierd and frisson-filled interviews that star daughters have been giving of late. (Kindly refer to Sonam Kapoor and Shruti Hasan.) The 20-something Sonakshi was recently asked about starring alongside the middle-aged Salman Khan and replied that it was the norm these days. In the rest of the conversation she referred to Salman as ‘bhai’ and also hoped fervently that her father would not appear on the sets cramping her style. Watch this space.


Weight Laws

Is there a rulebook somewhere that states that Nandita Das’ complexion must be mentioned in all media and Vidya Balan must be asked about her weight in all interviews? We must admit we wish she dressed nicely but at this point we are cheering her on to Tilda Swinton– like fugliness. Rather than eating chocolates in bed out of ennui we urge Vidya to respond with violent and sure action. Appear in public with a teapot over her lovely head or at the very least start with a baseball cap with a built-in solar-powered fan.


Uriah Heep-Ishness

Modesty is a complicated game best played by people with long years of practice. If you are the reigning superstar of Tamil Nadu, the darling of middle-aged ladies, critics and comedy lovers, don’t attempt it at all. IFFI did not want to screen a seven-film retrospective of Kamal Hasan films on the occasion of his 50 years in cinema. Hasan denies throwing a tantrum and says it was his friends who wanted seven films. He would have been okay with four. He smoothly continues with agreeing that there is a bias against the south but it is also the fault of the south for being diffident. But perhaps it is difficult for those with aspirations of perpetual youth to deal with the weight of their own achievements.


The Big Book Of Prizes

Beating Indians Omair Ahmad (Jimmy the Terrorist), Siddharth Chowdhury (The Descartes Highlands) and Nitasha Kaul(Residue), the 2009 Man Asian Literary Prize has been won by Chinese writer Su Tong (author of Wives and Concubines,adapted into the film Raise the Red Lantern). We’ll pretend the other contenders don’t exist.


‘I am sensitive but not foolish. I am like red wine maturing with time’

Kareena Kapoor (On being asked about her imminent growth as an actress)






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