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We Hate Tweetness And Light

Imran Khan and Sonam Kapur are currently defending Punit Malhotra, the director of their next film I Hate Love Stories, from the teasing tweets of Karan Johar. There is a mix-up somewhere when only trained diplomats make faux pas online and actors continue to make boring noises. You would think the sheer innocuousness of Twitter would make our celebrities lapse into their true wound-up personalities. Instead, they swing between coy and pious. Amrita Rao, for instance. We wish she would avoid the predictable and confirm what rumours tell us. That somewhere in Mumbai is her non-celebrity identical twin. For realz?

We have Suggestions for What actors can do with twitter


Page 3 turner Bikram Saluja in an unforeseen role as author of a coffee-table book
Page 3 turner
Bikram Saluja in an
unforeseen role as author
of a coffee-table book

Racket Lessons

Did you wonder where that sweet badminton-playing Bikram Saluja had disappeared to? The last time we saw him it was in Madhur Bhandarkar’s stroke of inspired casting in Page 3 where he played an evil actor. Now we find out that radio silence has been on for an astounding reason. Saluja has written a coffee-table book called An Actor’s Inspiration. From what we understand, the book features stills of Indian actors re-enacting scenes from The Godfather and Raging Bull. Can’t wait for our copy.

Bikram saluja wants to talk about acting and inspiration


Next Door To Alice

Following the release of Quick Gun Murugan, filmmaker Shashank Ghosh has announced his new project Alisha, a reworking of Alice in Wonderland. The boywonder Samit Basu, author of the Game- World fantasy trilogy, is writing the script for the new Alice. When asked what Alisha was about, came the Shashank Ghosh answer: Alice with guns. When someone innocently pointed out that Zack Snyder,director of 300, is currently working on exactly the same idea, Ghosh looked surprised. When told Hollywood is doing three Alice movies this year, he was astounded. Cable connection, anyone?


Canadian Ham

If sometime in the last decade you paid good money to learn to use a computer and are ashamed to admit it in public now, take heart. Indians will sign up for any certificate course apparently. In Canada NRIs are signing up enthusiastically for a Bollywood Acting Diploma, a four-month course that costs $9,000. You would think this is an expensive self-indulgence but no. The institution promises that the course will help students with the difficult business of breaking into Bollywood.


‘Earlier, I felt like a boy. Now thanks to breast implants, I speak about my breasts only when asked’

Sherlyn Chopra (On being asked about her dreams)





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