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Adult Friend Finder

How do we love Shah Rukh Khan? Let us count the ways. We love how every year is making him more inclined to be less reverent. Never mind what cat is set among the pigeons. While launching his book Discover the Diamond in You, management guru Arindam Chaudhuri read out an improving homily of positive thinking – how the great Sylvester Stallone started as a porn star. SRK responded, “I am going to work with all the positivity and clarity I have to become the biggest porn star of the world.”


Photo: Tarun Sehrawat

Golf Scoff

We are tired of Three Idiots even before it has arrived. A day we are almost tired of the lovely Madhavan is a sad day. When asked by a reasonable reporter about the implications of a man his or Aamir Khan’s age playing a college student, he responded “We are not horrible old men with pot-bellies and sagging skin.” Even before one can respond to that (and really, what can you say that is not just as ageist in its vitriol?), Madhavan says that he really enjoyed playing — that young people’s game — golf with Amitabh Bachchan between scenes.


Bitter Twitter

In the absence of a good, roaring literary fight we will take a twitter tantrum. Chetan Bhagat, attempting smugness and slowly getting there, in the red corner. Saad Akhtar, the mildly cynical creator of the web-comic Fly You Fools, in the blue corner. As far as we can make out, on December 7, Bhagat had himself a minor rant on Twitter on how the pirating of books reflects badly on Indian culture. Any sentence that includes the phrase “Indian culture” is a red rag to Akhtar, who tease-tweeted Bhagat that his latest royalty cheque was making him grumpy. Bhagat has blocked Akhtar for “trivialising his commitment to India”. Joys in the morning.


Queer Why

Actors Rahul Bose and Arjun Mathur and filmmaker Onir sound sober-as-judges about the gay sex in his new film I am Omar.Perhaps it is because Onir had a bit of a jolt this fortnight while receiving an award for good citizenship in Delhi. The bland citation congratulated him for “his films about controversial subjects such as homosexuality and other subjects such as sodomy.”



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