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We love girls, but then they break our hearts. There was Genelia D’Souza about whom we were saying hopeful things recently and here she is this week uttering banality after banality. Can you possibly string thoughts about family, inner security, and simplicity in one interview without being highly trained? Perhaps not. When asked (yet again) about being in a relationship with Riteish Deshmukh, she replied that she follows him on Twitter. But please note, she added, she also follows Shahid Kapur and Imran Khan. Clearly her mother has nothing to worry about.


Conquests Can SRK have any ambition left now that Madame Tussauds and the moon are done?

The address 3° 4′ North (latitude) and 20° 8′ East would have fan clubs if it was not on the earthside of the moon. This crater (once named Arago 5) is the newest honour bestowed on India, Bollywood and that astonishing heavenly body Shah Rukh Khan. We are to writhe in pleasure with the thought about an area 7-km wide on the moon, a cold, dark, emptiness, being named after the King by the International Lunar Society. Khan now resides in that most exclusive of gated communities which houses such moon-loving minds as Jules Verne and Leonardo Da Vinci.



A young writer was recently heard remarking that Chetan Bhagat’s end credit controversy had queered the pitch for novelists who hoped for their books to be adapted by Bollywood. He was underestimating the chutzpah of our writers. This week, Salman Khan was sued by Gurgaon-based writer Pavan Choudary who claims that Veer uses a ‘thought’ from his book, A Trilogy of Wisdom. On further investigation it turns out that the book which discusses Kabir, Confucius and Chanakya also holds Choudary’s dream for India. In the exposition of which he uses the metaphor of golden birds, which also appears, shockingly, in a snatch of dialogue in Veer.



Can anyone be not charmed by Arjun Rampal? Here is the man with a nonexistent film career. Barely back in the game and he gets a National Award for his performance in Rock On!!!. When asked to comment on his win, Rampal said that he cried and his family cried. What about glamorous wife Mehr Jesia? “I won’t tell you whether she cried or not, but she got very emotional.” Touchingly, he forbears to tell us which emotion she experienced.



‘I can feel the innocence of my first song!’


What is your earliest memory?
My dad, who is a major music buff, would start every day by putting some music on. He still does it! The very first cassette I ever heard was a collection of nursery rhyme songs — I was hooked. It’s a tape I still cherish today. My parents tell me that was the only tape I would ever listen to.

What was your family’s reaction to your taking up singing professionally?
They’re really happy with the work I have done. My family want me to be happy at the job that I do — any parent would be — and I can’t see myself doing anything else. I look forward to going to the studio every day.

When did you first realise you wanted to be a singer?
It hit me when I was 13 or so. Up until then, I loved music. I would learn music and sing, but I didn’t think of taking it up as a profession. I was 13 when I met Hariharan and he heard me sing. He told me I had a knack for it and that I was doing it well. His confidence in me made me realise I should be confident in myself.

What’s your take on religion?
More than anything else, I believe in the concept of being a good human being: be nice to other people, don’t hurt their feelings, be compassionate. That’s more important than any religion. You’d have achieved a lot more as a person.

What is important to you in friendship?
I think you should take your friends for what they are and apart from what they do or where they work. I have friends who are journalists, photographers, doctors and lawyers who I’ve known since I was three years old. It doesn’t matter what your friends do as long as you have a strong bond.

Of all your songs, which is your favourite?
My favourite song would be my first release ever, from Anwar, called ‘Tose Naina Lage’. When I listen to it now, I can feel the innocence — the first attempt of the first-ever song. I can’t recreate or render it the way I did at that point.

What’s next from you?
I’m trying to form a band, which I hope to get together as soon as possible this year. All these years I’ve been in Mumbai, and all the travel I’ve done is for concerts — go, play, and come back. In the future, I want to travel around and actually see the places we visit for a bit.



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