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Bai Ling: Not the best endorsement for Ritu Kumar
Bai Ling: Not the best endorsement for Ritu Kumar

No, thanks

You are a genteel Indian designer. Someone tells you that a firang celebrity has been spotted in one of your outfits. Before you automatically writhe in abject gratitude, do pause to google Bai Ling, bestknown for her tacky clothes. Coconut-shell bras and animal print footie pyjamas would only be your beginning. When you learn Ling’s memoir is called Nipples, you could stop. Now, if you are Ritu Kumar, would you like to prevent your son Amrish from babbling, “What’s most gratifying is that the aesthetic of our brand is beginning to get recognised outside our own shores.”



The short gun

You Might Want To Check Out This Girl

Why are people making the Next Big Thing noises about Sonakshi Sinha? Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter has a nice face (and how is that these, er, rugged gentlemen from the last generation have such pretty daughters?). But it does seem that she, like all the other daughters with nice faces, needs to be a Sun Tzu graduate to make a mark on our sadly fragmented attention. But between her muddleheaded and earnest posts and grinning responses on Twitter, there emerges the image of a girl with attitude and perhaps even a sense of humour. Shall we wait and watch?



We once had a secret fondness for the small, muscular and fiesty Antara Mali.Perhaps the word we are groping for is nostalgia since she has not been around for a good five years. While her latest movie is called And Once Again, Antara insists this is no comeback, just a one-off thing for Amol Palekar, a man she once described as a thinking woman’s pinup. And Once Again stars Rajat Kapoor and Rituparna Sengupta but who’d be interested in that once you hear Antara is playing the most improbable of things, a female monk in Sikkim.


Blind With Camera

Mumbai-based photographer Partho Bhowmick was inspired some years ago by the visually handicapped French photographer Evgan Bavcar’s lush work. Since then he has made it his life’s mission to train the visually handicapped in photography. You may have even caught a few of his exhibitions full of intriguing and witty images. But there are millions who would still find the whole concept rather astonishing. Luckily, for all of us limited by what we know, Bhowmick has greater ambitions. He has just formalised his training programme into a virtual school.


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