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Compiled by Nishita Jha

City of Joy

While the Piggy Chops and collaboration, In My City, might have at least two Khans grooving to the beat (in typical hyperbole, Salman Khan and  Shah Rukh Khan tweeted PC is “no less” than any international artiste), we are wondering how Mumbai’s two other poster boys — Raj Thackeray and Vasant Dhoble — will react to her lyrics: “tell me what you’re drinkin’, everybody’s welcome to my city, you ain’t never had a party until you had a party in my city”.


The Big Contest

Will Heroine win over gods?

Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra recently resumed their high-school avatars. At a press meet for Heroine, Bebo smugly told reporters that her film was going to be a bigger success than Madhur Bhandarkar’s last film Fashion, starring Priyanka. Later, in an interview, Chopra coyly wondered if Kareena had ever won a National Award. With Heroine’s Ganesh Chaturthi rele ase, and Mumbai’s history of coming to a standstill when it’s the Lord’s birthday — we’d say Bebo has more divine rivals to worry about.


Never Tame A Playboy

Photo: Shailendra Pandey

Just a few weeks ago, we applauded Katrina Kaif for showing up at Ranbir Kapoor’s house post-midnight in a stealth operation designed to throw off the paparazzi. This week, Kat is apparently “heartbroken” because Rishi Kapoor has been telling her how much he approves of his son’s philandering ways. We know that Bollywood loves infantilising its women until they turn into simpering prima donnas, but maybe it’s time to stop smudging your mascara over bad boys, Kat, and learn that two can play that playa’ game.


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