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Pamela Anderson under the Bigg Boss spell
Pamela Anderson under the Bigg Boss spell

Compiled By Nisha Susan

Barbie says

Pamela Anderson. What you going to say? What can anyone say? Those years when we watchedBaywatch re-runs, who could have dreamt of this moment? No one, that’s who. But at last she is here and she wants to soak in the Indian ethos in the Bigg Boss house. Indian ethos what the Bigg Boss house is all about. Meanwhile, don’t get confused if you read a letter from Pamela to the Prime Minister of India saying, “Will the government act at all to help these cattle?” She is not using a metaphor about the television industry. Vegetarian Pamela means things that go moo.


the assistant


Khali, Tanushree Dutta, children’s film, superhero. Words to give you goosebumps. Then the film is called Ramaa the Saviour. Prepared to scoff, we were brought to a standstill by Tanushree’s costumes and the appearance of a python. As Khali’s assistant Tanushree brings some very retro comicbook oomph to the role. Oomph we had not suspected Tanushree of. Perhaps the children’s film category was a mistake. They should have gone the whole hog.



2010’s gift to the queer community is Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun’s cute spelling. The pretty gay boys are only a bonus after that. And the absolute gravy train is of course right-wing protests, of which we are told, there has not been enough. We don’t know what right-wing parties are coming to these days without recognising ‘it might encourage more mainstream filmmakers to make films on gays’, as its star Kapil Sharma says. Imagine ignoring a film that had a kiss that made its stars ‘not look at each other for hours afterwards’.



Another desi Obama movie. This one is called Om Obama, is set in a fictional village in Tamil Nadu and somehow has Obama as hero! Journalist Janaki Vishwanathan who has written the script was inspired by the economic crisis in Tirupur where locals hang their hopes on Obama’s future policy. “The fictional village believes it has contributed to Obama becoming President and so he bails them out. There are sub-plots, including romance and grassroots politics,” says Vishwanathan. Of course there are.

PHOTO: (LEFT) Shailendra Pandey, (TOP) AFP, (ABOVE) AP



‘I’ve no problems with live-in relationships’

Milind Deora, Congress MP

By Kunal Majumder

Politics for you is in the family. Does it also intrude the dinner table conversations?
Not at all. In my family, there are people who do different things. My father is an industrialist-turned- politician, mother is a national level bridge player, brother is an artist and my wife is a film producer. So there are several things besides politics being discussed.

You are passionate about music. Have you ever had any musical aspirations?
I have always been passionate about music. I understand it requires a great deal of practice. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that. And even though I am a talented guitar player, there are people far more talented than me. I do perform once in a while at concerts and have aspirations but I’m realistic about them.

What would you change about the city you live in?
I think we as a city collectively have to do a lot more for Mumbai. Everybody asks the administration and the government what they do for the city but I don’t know what individuals do for the city. Nobody believes in keeping their neighbourhood clean. I don’t think we have that civic sense in Mumbai. Everyone complains about corruption, but they’re happy enough to bribe a cop. I think we’re hypocritical in that sense.

The youth have become almost averse to politics. What keeps you going?
What inspires me is the need to change the system, because there’s a huge void. There are many frustrating moments in my profession. You just have to pat yourself on the back during the rewarding moments and keep going during the frustrating moments.

Notions of love and marriage are changing now. What do you think of live-in relationships?
I have no problem with it. But if I was committed to someone and the person too was committed to me, then we might as well adopt the institution of marriage. However, I know people who have been living together for decades and are happy.


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