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Wrong moves Kareena Kapoor
Wrong moves Kareena Kapoor, Photo:Fotocorp

Jumping on History

Kareena Kapoor has said an uproarious f**k you to decades of Indian cinema history. This occurs in her latest song from Agent Vinod titled Mujra. Just in case you haven’t picked up what a mujra can do, the words nazakat and adayein appear as helpful trailer annotations. Kapoor has decided to single-handedly shut down the era of the reticent tawaif, whose thoughts are tantalisingly out of reach. Her face is at its emoticon best with alternate grins and pouts. Also, you mustn’t miss the part when she breaks into her You Are My Soniya moves. Perhaps sitting on the floor is overrated?


Time travel Heals

It’s particularly self-conflicting to feel a twinge of sadness when a movie you thought was ridiculously misguided gets into financial trouble. But there is no other way to describe what we felt when we heard the Bipasha Basu-Josh Hartnett starrer, Singularity,directed by Roland Joffé, might not find the money for its release. It now seems that the laughably kitschy premise — time travel, India and a scientist — is the reason we want to watch the movie.


Photo: Shailendra Pandey
Photo: Shailendra Pandey

No Show

Sue some men, just cause…

Deepika Padukone is being sued by Ramesh Taurani for dropping out of Race 2. Unsurprisingly, she is choosingRajinikanth’s latest movie over his. This incident, plus the fact that Madhur Bhandarkar contemplated taking legal action when Aishwarya Rai dropped out ofHeroine, has us super-imposing our feminist politics on the impervious world of Bollywood. Okay, we’ll do that anyway. But don’t male stars also drop out of films in untimely ways?


‘I failed to tell a story in Aladin Sujoy Ghosh (Keen on being judged only by his new release Kahaani. At least, he realises what his legacy is)
‘I failed to tell a story in Aladin Sujoy Ghosh (Keen on being judged only by his new release Kahaani. At least, he realises what his legacy is)

Less Rush-Death

Last weekend brought select sleepy sections of Bengaluru out to its non- Jaipur Literature Festival — Lekhana. Readings took place in so many languages that we lost count and the panels in English were more than matched by one excellent panel on new writing in Kannada. With no stampedes or ridiculously famous absentee writers to boast of, Lekhana had suitably languorous and pensive discussions as well as some joltingly youthful plays and readings. Happily, there was no sponsorship from publishers trying to sneakily market writers.




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