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John Abraham keeps his good humour
John Abraham keeps his good humour

Straight face

Say what you will. Even the impending cutesy doom of Jhootha Hi Sahi can’t really turn us away from John Abraham. In a culture that feels so much pressure to flex its muscles, there he is turning everything — the news about insuring his behind, the ragingly sporty girlfriend, the unpredictable career and his gay fan club — to a giggle. At the launch of the karaoke CD (the what!) of Jhootha Hi Sahi, his male followers screeched at him to take his shirt off. Abraham joked, “I am already burdened by my friendship with Abhishek in Dostana. How many more will I handle?”


known turf

In Which We Mumble About Promos

All we are getting from the trailer of Anjaana Anjaani is that someone is about to pop it in the midst of magnificent Americana. Is it Priyanka Chopra? Is it Ranbir Kapoor? Or is it the audience collapsing from fake ‘crazy’ behaviour? But that is just us being cynical. Maybe it will warm the cockles of our hearts. What would really warm our insides is if someone would make a decision about promoting two hot stars who are not seeing each other. This Best Friends Forever schtick (‘he’s so funny, she’s so late, he likes pranks, she likes to shop’) makes us want to die and avoid the movie to save ourselves.


Twinkle Toast Of Mumbai

The joy involved in watching John Travolta being feted by Bollywood is endless. Here is Abhishek Bachchan, for instance, announcing on Twitter that he found Travolta ‘sweet and humble’. Travolta at least, seems to have known what a treacly swamp he might get himself into when he hit India. A British DJ at the Mumbai party he attended has been reported saying that Travolta offered him some minor blandishments to ensure he was not subjected to any songs from Grease.


Like Me, Do

Five years ago, no one would have been able to sell a movie called The Social Network. Collateral Damage in an Unnamed Middle Eastern Nation, perhaps. But not the promise of the mild excesses of geeks. But here we are, waiting for the Mark Zuckerberg biopic, written by that prince of geeks Aaron Sorkin. And wait, there is a comic book too! Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook is coming soon and please don’t ask what his superpowers are. The comic book’s creator, Jerome Maida, wants to set the record straight about Mark, you see.

‘I would never marry a Bollywood actor’

Sonakshi Sinha, Actress

By Anamika Chatterjee

Sonakshi Sinha, Actress
Sonakshi Sinha, Actress

Does being a star kid come with its own baggage?
There are a lot of advantages. But the knowledge that people are expecting far more because you are the daughter of a veteran actor can be unnerving. It used to psyche me out. Thankfully, now I have begun to see it as a reason to motivate myself.

What is your idea of a typical Bollywood star?
I have grown up with one. So my idea of a typical Bollywood star revolves around my father and the way he carried himself. He has seen the ups and downs but has always maintained the charm for which people have always liked him.

Size-zero, tall, fair. Do you think Indian audiences’ expectations from their female actors are unreal?
Not unreal. But there have been actresses who have consciously gone into that mode. For me, an Indian woman has to be curvaceous, dusky, healthy and oozing sex appeal without having to shed her clothes. I am closer to what 98 percent of Indian women look like.

In your blog, you have written at length about saving the tiger. Are you doing anything about it? 
Issues related to animals and environment are close to my heart. I may not be publicly involved with any organisation, but I do often call PETA whenever I see an animal in trouble.

Do you think stars often have to compromise on personal relationships?
Not always. I have an example at home. My parents stuck together despite the highs and lows. It depends on your priorities.

What are the qualities you would like your partner to possess?
Firstly, I would not want him to be a Bollywood actor. It doesn’t help much being with a person who is in the same profession as you with all the erratic timings. Otherwise, I am not much of a materialistic person, so I do not have specific demands.


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