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Just ppank me

This week after Shobhaa De said that she wants to spank Punit Malhotra for I Hate Luv Storys, Malhotra responded with a traditional and profound response. He tweeted, ‘I am waiting to be spanked by a fossil who is so bitchy because she isn’t getting any.’ Sonam Kapoor retweeted it. Then both bravely deleted the comment. Astonishingly Sonam has apologised in reams of PR-speak. Nothing from Punit yet, but this is a big moment — mark this week as one in which at least one person in Bollywood got indiscreet on Twitter. And tried to be as interesting as Shobhaa De.

Punit Malhotra and Sonam Kapoor have balls, for a brief moment


Sloppy second

Akshay Kumar and Priyadarshan combine forces again

Another year, another Akshay Kumar- Priyadarshan duet.
Priyadarshan is great fun but these clunky translations and strange relocations of Malayalam plots are getting rather tiresome. The latest is Khatta Meetha, a remake of Priyadarshan’s Vellanakalude Naadu. The original was written by award-winning writer-director Sreenivasan but to our alarm the Hindi remake has been written by Priyadarshan himself. The only thing left now is to watch it and annoy the innocent by sighing over how good Mohanlal was in the original, even if it is now just a misty memory.


Once upon a serial kisser

After being at the constant receiving end of sneers, Emraan Hashmi finds something to sneer at himself. In Once Upon a Time in Mumbai he almost looks as if he doesn’t know that he has a pornstar moustache for the role. Having worked on his physique a bit, he grabbed his chance to take a little revenge. Apparently, he despises the term ‘six-pack’, which the press seems to love. He has merely done what the script and director required of him. Not just abs but also gravitas.


Pensive Pin-UP

Don’t know about you, but we are really excited about the Anurag Kashyap production Udaan. We’d love to see a little more of Udaan‘s filmmaker Vikramaditya Motwane. Picture a grown-up version of the Dil Chahta Hai boys and you have the handsome and serious Motwane. He looks like he just remembered that he forgot to attempt the last question in a math exam but really is just wishing that people would not muck about with his scripts. Mostly we want to give him brownie points for having a secret love for Korean filmmaker Joon-ho Bong.


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