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Who’s the Twitter Daddy?

Remember the Steven Klein shoot in which Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt played house-house in a retro family setting? This was long before they started their own rainbow brood. Somehow the real pram caravan seemed like an anticlimax after that bluetinged shoot. This week we saw new photos of  Shah Rukh Khan with his goodlooking family playing daddy. Yes, it would have been Normal Week for SRK. If it was not the same week when his arrival on Twitter made our eyes cross.


Vidya Balan in Isqiya, the first film that looks promising in months and months


Is 2009 over? Are we there yet? Hurrah! Shall we look forward then to Abhishek Chaubey’s Ishqiya? Two thieves on the run. Naseeruddin Shah looking as much in love as his stage version of the Mirza in love with Lajjo. Arshad Warsi looking muscular and young and rakish. Not as rakish as a Vidya Balan restored to glorious feminity. And finally a deeply romantic soundtrack by Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzar. A year that begins like this, can it be too bad?


Northbound Traffic

No one is saying he is Surya. But we are intrigued by Rana Daggubati’s debut in a Rohan Sippy film. The Telugu star, (scion of the D Rama Naidu family) has been signed on to play a Goan musician in a film about drugs in the beach state. Daggubati’s co-star shall be Abhishek Bachchan, the promise of whose salad days we have missed in recent times. If you think there is any difference in the pious and self-righteous aphorisms offered by stars from Bollywood or those from elsewhere, merely dip into Daggubati’s website.


Mississippi Masala

The vacation enquiries around your office and neighbourhood may have come to an end. However, there is one woman who still owes us all an explanation. Britney Spears has kept the state of Kerala in a unprecedented state of activity for the last couple of weeks. Thanks to a fertile rumour that Spears and family were visiting Alapuzha and Kumarakom around New Year, every melanine-deficient young woman has been subject to intense scrutiny. Wonder how many houseboat owners and homestay managers have spent the last week dreaming of her accidental arrival.

‘I Want A Government Ministry Of Design!’

By Kunal Majumder

Raghavendra Rathore, Designer

What would you be if you weren’t a designer?
An artist or architect, hence it explains my leniency towards various facets of design.

What is your oldest memory?
At four years of age, an evening drive in a Chevrolet with my grandmother while she was in ‘purdah’.

How has your family helped you become who you are today?
By giving me the freedom to choose my career path in my early years and now giving me the space and time to let me pursue my dreams.

What do you think is the main problem with Indian fashion?
The obsession with fashion shows and fashion weeks needs to translate into better business opportunities and enhance the interface with the artisans and the heritage of India.

What about the increasing number of fashion weeks?
The growing number of fashion weeks is a healthy evolution and eventually few will prevail.

Are you religious?
I am definitely a believer in the Almighty. Though I’m not ritualistic, I consider myself to be spiritual as I have grown up with certain values and a belief system.

What do you dislike most about yourself?
Because of my immense workload, the inability to spend quality time with my growing children.

What did you wear when you were young, that would embarrass you a lot today?
I remember a Sergio Tacchini tracksuit at the age of 12 that photographed like a black shirt with red collars.

Do you judge people by their clothes?
Mostly by their mind.

What is your one dream?
For the government to set up a Ministry of Design!

Who is the most fashionable Indian politician and why?
Bal (Jyotiraditya) Scindia because of his sense of “innate Indian style” and the understanding of what to wear and when to wear.

What fashion tips would you give to the Prime Minister’s wife, Mrs Gursharan Kaur??
The PM’s wife is a respectable observer of the changing landscape of India. Her support through her character and style is a reminder of the more grounded generation that needs no fashion tips.


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