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Anushka Sharma has not excited us since the time she made her Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi debut. Nor has her lack of work since been remarkable in the way some one-hit-wonders have managed. Now with her awful reviews for Badmash Company she should be sinking without a trace. But alas, no. She has a Yash Raj movie lined up. The world’s most bored reporters have spotted her at dinner with her future co-star Ranveer Singh. In a way that only Yash Raj PR can manage, there is also a hint of transgression — that Yash Raj does not approve of this romance.

The horror Shiney Ahuja’s next project is a scream

So we are mean people who thrive on schadenfreude. Fine. But you have to admit there is something hilarious about Shiney Ahuja’s first film after he was accused of raping his maid servant being a horror film. And the film is called Shunya (zero). Ahuja’s last project, Accident (with Soha Ali Khan), seems permanently suspended. Rumour has it that Khan has refused to continue working with him.

We miss Asin when she is not around. Even when all we get to see is a glimpse of her in a frame crowded by an ageing hero. Apparently the next blip will be in the Hindi remake of Asin’s Telugu remake of the Tamil film Kaaka Kaaka.Exhausting. Anyway, the film also stars the equally decorative and harmless John Abraham. She is also going to be in an Anees Bazmi remake of the Telugu film Kick and once again will be with Salman Khan. Because London Dreamz taught her nothing

Did you hear that really loud sound? That was probably Vidhu Vinod Chopra in a rage. Like a baffled despot from old-style comic strips, he is appalled at the thought that someone is feeding off his success — The Fourth Idiot, an animation spin-off from Chopra’s ridiculously successful 3 Idiots. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhuryis the ‘memory enhancement expert’ who has made this 35-minute animation film using Phunsuk Wangdu (Aamir Khan’s character) as well as Omi Vaidya. Though Chowdhury has been asked to cease and desist, he scoffs at the idea that he has committed any copyright violation. He also says snarkily that his film at least teaches children to use their minds.

Compiled by Nisha Susan

‘I Used To Pray Every Night For A Boyfriend’


Did you resent the lack of attention from your parents because you were a middle child?
I was content to live in my own world. After my parents were divorced I shifted to a girls hostel. I would miss my home, but the thought that nothing there was the same eventually drove me out of Hyderabad at 16. I wanted to escape the negative vibes.

Where did you eventually find positivity?
Mumbai infused me with life. I was not a party animal, but for someone trying to discover themselves, this city is full of possibilities. I used to drink and cry, but in Mumbai I learnt to drink to celebrate. There were frustrating days, but I am very connected to my creator — I talk to God daily. I would wake up every day and give him a big list of all the things that he had to fix in my life! (giggles)

What is your support system like?
Only the weak share their pain. The strong suffer in silence. I have friends and lovers to go out with, to share intimate moments with — but the moment anyone gets too close I start pushing them away.

Do you think it’s hard for you to open up because of your parents’ divorce?
Maybe. I still can’t have a functional relationship with my mother. I barely speak to my sister and have no idea where my brother is. My first boyfriend when I was 17 was married. I was too happy to be in a relationship to care about morality. I realised I don’t have any emotional needs, only financial ones!

You mentioned that you first dated at 17. Did you ever lack male attention?
I was a plump kid with spectacles who weighed 65 kg. I craved male attention. I died for it. I used to pray every night that I should get a boyfriend, but boys are shallow. When I turned 17 and got my surgeries done, people thought I had no character. But if I need bigger breasts to feel good about myself, how can anyone else pass judgement? I needed that feeling of vindication.

You seem to be quite a loner. How do you relate to your on-screen persona?
When I put my make-up on, I transform into a sex-kitten. I enjoy the transition, in a way it is an extension of my personality that remained buried all these years.



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