US serves notice on ‘belligerent’ Iran for firing ballistic missile


iran missile launchThreatening consequences for its actions, the United States on February 2 served a notice on Iran and marked a hardline stance against Teheran. Reason: For firing a ballistic missile.

President Donald Trump’s NSA Michael Flynn had confirmed, “As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice.”

The US announcement is against the former administration’s policy to engage diplomatically with Iran, which had led to the nuclear deal last year.

In the years gone by, Trump had criticised various pacts reached between Iran and the Obama administration and the UN, terming them “weak and ineffective”.

 A US statement had underscored the upsetting behaviour of Iran which was responsible for the ballistic attack and the attack on a naval vessel by Houthi militants.

Iran is now felling emboldened instead of being grateful to the US, said Flynn. He aid US will respond in appropriate measure to actions by Iran.

The ballistic missile launch, the first by Iran since Trump become US President, is in contravention of a UNSC resolution, which asks Iran not to take up any activity related to missiles capable of delivering Nukes, including use of such technology.

“The former administration failed to respond to Tehran’s malign actions, including weapons transfers, support for terrorism, and other violations of international norms. This administration condemns such actions by Iran which put stability of the Middle East and American lives at risk,” he said.