Uri terror attack aftermath: Govt bans sale of ‘foreign’ firecrackers


Chinese crackers

Focusing on the increasing levels of pollution in Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has taken measures to ban the sale of harmful foreign firecrackers

In this regard, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee has written to the customs department not to import firecrackers from any country. Also, the Delhi Police has been directed to see that the law is not violated.

Angry with its continued support to Pakistan, campaigns have started in social media urging people not to purchase Chinese firecrackers this Diwali, but instead go for desi ones.

Even as many traders agree with the nationalistic feeling, they say that such a measure might lead many traders down the lane.

India is a big market for China, which survives only on exports. The ban is likely to hit China hard and will end its monopoly over firecrakers and decorative lights.

Sale of Chinese firecrakers should have been banned months ago, says the traders. While this was so, retail traders in Punjab, angry with the Uri terror attack, have decided to completely stop retail sales of Chinese firecrackers.

Instead of asking people not to purchase Chinese goods, the government would do well if importers are stopped from purchasing and hoarding the crackers.

Banning the Chinese or foreign firecrackers is alright, but does India have the infrastructure to make them, ask some traders.