“UPA’s biggest failure is that its leadership doesn’t talk to the people”



This week, Tarun J Tejpal assesses the performance of the UPA II government
Hosted by – Kunal Majumder | Tehelka Podcast – Produced by Sujay Chakraborty

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In a 28-year career as a journalist, Tarun has been an editor with the India Today and The Indian Express groups, and the Managing Editor of Outlook. He is the founder of Tehelka—which has garnered international fame for its aggressive public interest journalism. In 2001, Asia Week listed Tarun as one of Asia’s 50 most powerful communicators, and Business Week declared him among 50 leaders at the forefront of change in Asia. Tarun’s debut novel, The Alchemy of Desire, was hailed by The Sunday Times as ‘an impressive and memorable debut’, and by Le Figaro as a ‘masterpiece’. In 2007, The Guardian, UK, named him among the 20 who constitute India’s new elite.

Tarun’s second novel, The Story of My Assassins was published in 2009 to rave reviews. Pankaj Mishra has said, ‘It sets new and dauntingly high standards for Indian writing in English’, while Altaf Tyrewala has called it ‘an instant classic’. The book’s website is www.taruntejpal.com.


  1. Wonderful interview. Deepened one’s understanding of how one model of economic growth will not solve all of our complex problems of poverty. At least no one can accuse Tarun Tejpal of failing to communicate effectively.

  2. Is it not naive to expect politicians to talk to the people and explain issues like either attacking or not attacking Pakistan? They are accountable for explanations by occupying the positions they do, but the wistful tone that asks for explanations sounds naively expectant to me.

  3. An excellent analysis, Tarun.
    How do the Indians put up with a pathetic mediocrity like Manmohan Singh as PM –
    a tired, old man with a heart problem, a man without vitality, an intellectual lightweight, inarticulate (AS YOU STRESSED), a man with no vision, no international standing, who has been laughed at by Time magazine and Washington Post and so on.
    Mind you the whole political class is a contemptible lot. The only Indians of distinction, in my view, were Nehru and Gandhi and both had studied in England. What has Hindustan to offer today to young people by way of quality and excellence?

    China, a superpower, merely toys with India on its borders. They could invade in a matter of days but what will they see? Just a lot of poverty, misery,religious humbug, and the like.


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