‘Until now, politics has been run on money, muscle and caste power. We are here to change all that’

V Balakrishnan | 49 Former CFO, Infosys | Bangalore Central
V Balakrishnan | 49 | Former CFO, Infosys | Bangalore Central

The idea of the Aam Aadmi Party was very close to my heart since its inception. The party’s success in the Delhi Assembly polls was a major turning point. I thought then and there that I should support this idea. It was never just a party. Trust me, I would have never joined a traditional party.

The media says that there are caste equations and several other equations that determine how people vote. I come from a middle-class background. Therefore, assuming that people from different classes will see me differently is wrong. Ultimately, the people want to see politicians with no criminal records. Delhi changed things and paved the way. Until now, politics was run on money, muscle and caste power. We are here to change all that.

On one hand, there are two leaders who are calling themselves prime ministerial candidates. But unlike in the US, there are no debates. We have leaders who are not willing to even come for an open interview, let alone a debate. They seem very uncomfortable with being questioned.

How can they call themselves leaders? That way, Arvind Kejriwal has shown people what accountability is.

The media also portrays us as anti-economic growth. We have actually the most liberal economic policy. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is certainly a contentious issue; even the BJP does not support FDI, as we saw in Rajasthan. We are with everyone who wants to do honest business. We will create an honest ecosystem where everyone can go about their business in honest ways.

And it’s not just about Mukesh Ambani and Reliance. We have to stand up against crony capitalism. You see, none of us know where our political parties get their funds from. That’s where we have to draw the line.

We will ensure that people live with dignity. We will give them cleaner footpaths and better roads. We will ensure better water supply. We will meet the aspirations of the people — all this without misusing linguistic or casteist or any other cards for political purposes.

As told to G Vishnu


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