UK political leaders urge people to vote for hard work

Matchmaker David Cameron, the new PM
David Cameron, the new PM

United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron said the country is stronger than “what it was five years ago”. Not satisfied, he said that there was more to do.

Ed Miliband of the Labour Party urged people to vote in order to repay hard work and the country. Nick Clegg said the Liberal Democrats claimed to offer stability and decency.

According to experts, the trends suggest that no party will win enough seats for an outright majority. Politicians, pollsters and the media were struggling to read the election right, leading many to focus on what might happen if there is an uncertain result.

On the last day of campaigning, Cameron says the Conservatives could win outright the elections on 7 May, while Miliband says he is optimistic about Labour Party’s prospects and trusts the public to make the “right judgement”.

Former top civil servant Lord O’Donnell said Cameron could remain as prime minister even if he did not have a majority — it would be up to his political judgement whether he thought there was a “clear alternative” government.

The Times newspaper endorsed a continuation of the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition, while The Express has become the first paper to recommend voting for UKIP. The Daily Mail is backing the Conservatives
Northern Ireland’s five biggest parties clashed over welfare reform and gay marriage in a live TV debate.
The main party leaders have been criss-crossing the country in their battle buses as they attempt to drum up support ahead of Thursday’s election.

After starting the day in south Wales, Cameron is heading to north-west England, Scotland and the Midlands, while Miliband is visiting Conservative-held marginal seats in the north of England.
Mr Clegg, who set off from Land’s End on Tuesday, is heading to John O’Groats through Scottish constituencies his party is hoping to retain.


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