Twitterati criticise as Sanjay Dutt gets parole yet again

Sanjay Dutt (File photo)
Sanjay Dutt (File photo)

Twitterati criticised Munna Bhai MBBS actor Sanjay Dutt as he has been out of jail again on a parole of 30 days. The actor who was convicted in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case and currently lodged in Pune’s high-security Yerwada Central Jail, has been granted parole yet again, as his daughter is having a nose surgery.

Earlier, his frequent breaks from jail have been criticised in the past as evidence of VIP treatment. The last time the actor was given leave from jail was in December 2014. Between May 2013 and 2014, Dutt spent about 118 days out of prison.

What Twitteratis’ say:

Sanjay Dutt is like @narendramodi. One visits India in between his foreign tours the other visits prisons in between parole. #SanjayDutt”

“How serious can a nose surgery be?Turns out very , when you’re sanjay Dutt;s daughter, enough to grant parole.#nonsense#SanjayDutt”

“Why not they rename #SanjayDutt’s house as #Yerwada so whole india can be at Peace,That way he will be in Yerwada always no matter in or out”

“Its easier to get a parole out of the yerawada prison than getting a hall ticket issued from Mumbai university.”

“Jail is just like a summer camp for #sanjaydutt . When he gets bored of jail he goes home, when he gets bored at home, he goes to jail.”

“Normal people to their family: Jara ghoom ke ata hoon.”

“#SanjayDutt has created new records in #Parole….he will open consultancy firm for convicts to arrange parole for them….with fat fee”

“He is like those man who works abroad in some big company & comes after every 2 months for a 10/15 days holiday #sanjaydutt #HealthyHumor .”

Sanjay Dutt was found guilty in 2013 of acquiring illegal weapons from those involved in the 1993 Mumbai serial blast. In 2007, he was sentenced to six years. After he served 18 months from then, he was out on bail, fighting the conviction until a court ordered him back to jail in Pune in March, 2013.


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