Turkish Airlines plane bound for Istanbul recalled to Mumbai over terror scare



A file photo of a Turkish Airlines plane
A file photo of a Turkish Airlines plane

Terror in the sky came to the fore again. But this this time there was no casualty . A  Turkish Airlines flight, which had taken off for Istanbul from Mumbai , was called back due to suspicious mobile phone. The mobile phone was found lying under one of the passengers’ seats

The crew noticed the cell phone lying, which created rumours of likely bomb threat. Due to this, for security purpose, the crew informed the matter to Mumbai air traffic control tower and the plane was recalled .

According to media reports ,  around 250 passengers on the aircraft were evacuated and were frisked again after being allowed back into the jet. The aircraft was brought back to the bay and all the passengers were deplaned for a thorough frisking. The Boeing 777-300ER plane was scheduled to take off for Istanbul at 0625 hours.

“Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul was called back from the runway at Mumbai airport after a suspicious object was found in the aircraft,” a Mumbai Airport spokesperson said.

The passengers got stuck for a long time till the time officials were for searching for the same. After more than four hours of intense search ,  the security teams finally cleared the plane to fly the scheduled  flight to Istanbul but not before giving the airport and the security agencies jitters  and nervous moments.