Trump’s draconian executive decision woes Kashmiri athlete

(representational image)
(representational image)

After Trump lashed out on the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, that inferno was also felt in India. Citing “current US policy” a Kashmiri athlete and his manager have been denied US visas by the American embassy in New Delhi.

Tanveer Hussain, 24, a snow-shoe athlete, and his manager, Abid Khan, were scheduled to fly to New York to represent India in the world snow-shoe championship being held in Serenac Lake city on February 25.

Hussain in his confession said he was, “disappointed and hurt”. “I represented India last year in the same championship in Italy. I do not think there should be any problem with providing visas to sportspersons.”

The Kashmiri sportsperson said in a statement that he was on a special training programme for the last month at Gulmarg. “I was preparing for it, but never knew that I would not get the chance to participate.”

He has represented India at many forums including most recently in Italy at the 2016 winter games, where he participated in the snowshoe championship.

The mayor of Serenac Lake, Clyde Rabideau said on February 1, that two senators had contacted the US embassy in Delhi for more information. And he is trying to persuade the government to ease the executive decision that led to such hue and cry.

Earlier Trump responding to the mass protests going in US said that the current ban policy on the Muslims is not irrevocably based on religion, it was due to the sheer fear of terrorism emanating from these seven Muslim-majority countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen).