Siachen Tragedy: All 10 soldiers trapped in avalanche dead; Modi, Rahul mourn loss

File Pix : Siachen Glacier
File Photo: Siachen Glacier

After an intensive search and rescue operations, the worst fears have come to life. It is now confirmed by various media reports that the 10 soldiers who were trapped after an avalanche on the Siachen glacier were finally declared dead. However rescue efforts are still on to locate and retrieve the bodies.  A very large rescue team has been deployed to reach down to the swamped Army post. The rescuers are working at extremely low temperatures hovering between -25 to -45 degrees putting their lives at risk.

The soldiers died  after an avalanche ripped off their post at 19,600 ft in one of the world’s highest battlefield between India and Pakistan, Saichen in the northern glacier sector of the Ladakh region.

The tragedy stunned the nation. “Demise of soldiers in Siachen is very tragic. I salute the brave soldiers who gave their lives to the nation. Condolences to their families,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi too expressed his grief over death of all the ten soldiers who were hit by a massive avalanche at Siachen .”Very sad to know that 10 of our brave soldiers lost their lives in an avalanche in Siachen,” Gandhi said in a tweet.”My thoughts & prayers are with their families,” he added.

The soldiers belong to the Madras regiment of the Army and have been posted there recently. They include one Junior Commissioned Officer and nine soldiers. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar too expressed “heartfelt condolences” to the bereaved families of the soldiers “martyred in the line of duty.”

“It is a tragic event and we salute the soldiers who braved all challenges to guard our frontiers and made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty,” The defence ministry’s spokesperson in Jammu, Colonel SD Goswami, said in a statement.