Top Source Of “Breaking News” is Twitter: Study

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Surpassing all other social networking sites, micro-blogging site Twitter has become the top source for users when it comes to breaking news. A new online survey of nearly 5,000 social media users in US has revealed.

According to the survey, 9 in 10 Twitter users in the study (86 per cent) said they use Twitter for news, and the vast majority of those (74 per cent) do so daily. The study found that Twitter users tend to be heavier news consumers than other social media users.

The survey carried by the American Press Institute and Twitter, in collaboration with research firm DB5, found that almost all Twitter users are also consumers of other forms of news media. While Twitter users follow news in general on the service, and sometimes do so just as a way of passing time, they act differently when they are following breaking news, becoming even more participatory —commenting, posting and sharing at moments when events are moving fastest.

In the study, the researchers surveyed 3,713 Twitter users and, for comparison, a separate sample of 1,000 social media users in US, including 469 who were not on Twitter. The findings come at time when Twitter is increasing its emphasis on news and making tweaks that may affect publishers’ strategies. Three quarters of Twitter news users follow individual journalists, writers and commentators and nearly two thirds follow institutional accounts


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