Time to save children from cyber threats


The contents of the book ‘Is Your Child Safe?’ and the significant questions it raises hit the spot, where the new generation parents believe that the cybercrimes would not harm ‘my kid’. It reinforces that a danger is near, and remains invisible and can at any moment overthrow the peace that you and your family enjoy. An eye opener for the society, the book, launched in August in English as well as Malayalam, soon became a best seller. In less than 2 months, more than 10,000 copies were sold out in the two languages.

ENGLISH 3DSoon after it became a hit among parents, the author K Sanjay Kumar Gurudin, IPS, a Kerala cadre officer, was invited for around 200 seminars attended by nearly 60,000 students and 10,000 parents in Kerala and outside.

“Today’s Internet and Social Networking Sites has exposed the teenagers to very serious dangers. It has become easy for the predators to target the victims online.

The children are being groomed, lined up into sexual conversations, sexting, exploitation by adult offenders and also being cyberbullied and harassed online. The teenagers are being harrassed, exploited, blackmailed against their obscene and sexual images. The teenagers are highly vulnerable of being victim to these online crimes, resulting into depression and even committing self harm,” says the author.

Statistics says 27 percent teenagers committing suicide is attributed to online harrassment. Fifty-six per cent of Indian teenagers using social media are harassed and exposed to online dangers.

The children are tech savvy but they lack worldly wisdom and maturity to safely navigate these dangers, the book reveals. A more serious problem is that 97 per cent of the parents are not aware that such dangers exist. So the parents also are not in a position to give advice and teach their kids about the precautions and safety issues. This book is focused towards parents and teenagers, an effort to make parents aware about risks and threats of online world so that the parents can better guide and teach their children to be safe against risks and threats associated with Internet.