Time has come to name and shame nations which support terror : S Jaishankar

S Jaishankar, India, foreign Secretary
S Jaishankar, India, foreign Secretary

Taking a tough stand against terror India has now gone a step ahead and has  said that countries which support terrorism must be named and shamed, while also asserting the need for united efforts to combat terror. Though the Indian Foreign secretary S Jaishankar did not name any country the hint was enough that it was a dig aimed at Pakistan .

He  also said that some countries believe that they can buy peace at home by supporting groups for terror outside, which he said, was “delusional”.  He said India will continue to be in touch with Pakistan with regard to the probe in the terror attack on an IAF base in Pathankot .

“Nations which support terrorism must be named and shamed,” Jaishankar said at the Counter-Terrorism Conference 2016 in Jaipur , Rajasthan . He called for fostering greater international cooperation to fight terrorism while pointing out that even so-called victims of terror do not cooperate on fighting terror on international stage.

Jaishankar said that governments must show solidarity through a united message condemning terror attacks. “Since Pathankot attack happened, we have been in touch with Pakistan. We have been in touch at my level and the NSA level because only by remaining in touch, we can expect them to progress on the basis of information which we have provided to them,” he said.

On terrorism in eastern parts of the country, the foreign secretary said the Indian government had discussions with Myanmar on fighting terrorism and there is a greater responsiveness to the concerns of India. “We had some problems with Myanmar and we have also had some discussions with them. Some developments took place in the last few months and possibility of terror attacks occurring in the East from beyond the border would come down,” he said in response to a question related to terror activities in the eastern parts of the country.