TII demands fast track courts for politicians involved in rape, molestation cases

Photo: PTI

New Delhi (PTI): An anti-corruption group Monday 31 December wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh demanding the setting up of fast track courts for dealing with politicians and public representatives charged with heinous crimes such as rape and molestation.

“We demand special courts which should be fast tracked, be set up for dealing with all politicians, especially legislators, charged with heinous offence against women, including rape and molestation,” Transparency International India (TII) said in a letter.

“The legislators and Parliamentarians have no right to exercise and enjoy the benefit of ‘innocent till proven guilty’ by their ability to prolong the proceedings on one ground or the other,” TII chairman P S Bawa said in the letter.

Bawa demanded that a new law should be enacted which prohibits persons charged by a court for rape or molestation from contesting election. The demand of the organisation comes against the backdrop of the gangrape of the 23-year-old woman who passed away on Saturday.

“It is equally important that sufficient number of fast track courts be set up in all districts of the country for day to day hearing of rape cases. The decision to set up fast track court to deal with the present case is laudable and given that under Article 14 of the Constitution everyone is equal before law, rape cases against politicians should also be fast tracked,” the letter said.


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