Tihar Jail: Two inmates dug tunnel and escaped, 1 recaptured

Tihar Jail: Two escaped, 1 recaptured.
Tihar Jail: Two escaped, 1 recaptured.

Jail break is not only limited to movies. In a surprising and daring act in one of the country’s high- security jails – Tihar Jail – two people, behind the bars for burglary, escaped, on Sunday morning.

The duo, who were being held in Jail no 7, reportedly scaled the wall and then dug a tunnel under the wall of jail no 8, which links to the boundary of the prison complex.

One of the escapees, a convict named Faizan, was caught, while the other convict, Javed, is still absconding.

According to reports, the duo didn’t attend the daily roll call and when jail authorities spotted the tunnel, they confirmed their escape.

The administration informed Delhi police after hours, after discovering the tunnel. 


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