This is not a Salman movie



DIRECTOR: Siddique

STARRING:Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Raj Babbar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Aditya Panscholi, Hazel Keech

The Plot:Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar), like in all masala nonurbania, runs the town of Jaisinghpur. He calls for a bodyguard, Lovely Singh (Salman), to protect his daughter (Kareena). Kareena obviously doesn’t like having the stern bodyguard shadowing her, so she calls him anonymously to loosen him up. The two get talking and Lovely falls in love with a ‘stranger’ and she falls in love with Lovely. Meanwhile, he protects her, finishes off the villains in short gruesome fights. And there is some emotional drama as well.

By Mona J

+4 To Mahesh Manjrekar And Aditya Panscholi .Solid villainy, boss.

+5 Because This Time Salman doesn’t even move his body for the signature dance move. Just flexes his biceps.

+5 For The Line:Mujhpe bas ek ehsaan karna, ki koi ehsaan mat karna. Plus five because Salman is slimmer and hotter since Ready.

Stills from the film
Stills from the film

+10 Because This Is Fun Ott Action.Done well, even. Hopping from one Mumbai local to another. Using homophobia to advantage. Even a Zatoichi homage.

+2 For The Tupperware Product Placement Lesson to learn: A Salman Khan movie *is* the pyramid!

-5 For Because Kareena’s Entry is a Pond’s commercial. Plus five because she still looks hot. LikeJab We Met+Tashan hot.

+5 For The Sholay Tribute Action Sequence.Which starts with Asrani saying, ‘Aadhe idhar jaao, aadhe udhar jaao…’

-10 Each To The Dwarf And The Obese Guy. Every frame with the two was a waste. Seriously.

+4 To Kareena’s Friend (Keech).She is so pretty. Reminded us of Alia Shawkat and Amanda Seyfried.

-5 For The Humpty Dumpty Storytelling. Even Salman couldn’t patch it together again.

-10 Because Infinite Monkeys with typewriters will write better gags and dialogue.

+5 To The Styling And Beautiful Sets And Locations.And plus three to the DOP.

+4 Because With This Hit, Salman is a superstar, like Rajinikanth. Minus four because Team Rajini still has the advantage of better filmmaking.


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