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Gali Gali Chor Hai
Gali Gali Chor Hai

The Plot
Bharat (Khanna), a bank cashier and Ramlila actor in Bhopal, where corrupt and uneducated people form the bureaucracy and the law and order machinery, unknowingly invites trouble in the shape of a stolen fan by refusing to rent out a room to a local MLA’s political party. There is even a terrorist conspiracy at some point. This is the story of a man who can’t help but see himself sink deeper into the darkest recesses of a failing system.

By Mona J

-5 To Rumi Jaffery, because he couldn’t steal a screenplay properly if he wanted to, forget making a poignant comedy about corruption in small-town India. Plus three to Mumukshu Mudgal for writing a strong story that does survive his assault.

+10 For Showing How The Concept Of God and superstitions arise because the ‘common man’ doesn’t always understand or know how bad things happen. Good job!

+7 To Annu Kapoor, Jagdeep, Vijay Raaz, Akhilendra Mishra and Mushtaq Khan for playing the perfect appendages of a corrupt system. Minus five because nobody needs Rajat Rawail, ever!

+4 To Shriya Saran who plays the insecure housewife well, with a perfect sense of comic misunderstanding.

-10 To The Songs, especially the Veena Malik item number and Kailash Kher’s preachy ‘corruption’ song, which tries cashing in on the anti-corruption sentiment of the bourgeois mombattivists.

Stills from the movie Gali Gali Chor Hai

4 To Akshaye Khanna. Sorry boss, we like you but you were just not convincing enough. Maybe this was Ajay Devgn’s film. Except for the part where Khanna played a veteran Hanuman on stage. Plus two to Bunty Gheewala for his Rs 100 compliment.

-4 Because The Terrorist Subplot is a brilliant comedy device, which could have added an extra layer of laughter. Instead, the filmmakers trivialised the crap out of it. The boss’ sister’s (Godse) trope was better written, though unnecessary.

-3 Because The Two ‘Common Man’ Slaps in the end were so not satisfying a climax. Zero gratification. I’d have loved a good old fashioned end-of-the-movie beating, Devgn style.

-3 Because The Post-Interval Pains could have been avoided by killing the emotional music! The rest of the score was brilliant.

-4 Because The First Half Of The Movie could have been 10 minutes long. That way, the viewer could have been saved from unnecessary boredom. A tragedy when sped up is a comedy. A comedy when stretched is a tragedy.


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