Third front will emerge after Lok Sabha elections: Farooq

Photo PTI
Photo PTI

Jammu, Feb 4 : National Conference Chief and Union Minister Farooq Abdullah today claimed that only third front will emerge after the Lok Sabha elections.

“Third front has been in the news for a long time. There have been talks about it. I think third front will only emerge after the elections are over,” Farooq told reporters here in reply to a question on the emergence of third front in the country.

“Once the election is over and seat numbers are there, then only one will come to a conclusion, whether that is possible and who will lead the third front,” he added.

“As far as meeting with Karunanidhi is concerned, I met him because of my relationship with that fellow. He has been great friend of my father. My only concern was about his health. No hidden agenda was there,” Abdullah said.

Replying to another question about Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s jibe on Narendra Modi that “he is doing ‘zahar ki kheti’ (sowing poison barb),” he said, “I cannot comment on that because the President of the Party has made a statement like this. She does feel, as her husband felt that communal elements will destroy India.”

“That is what Rajiv Gandhi always fought against. Nothing else. She is against carrying the same thing that no communal man should become leader of this Nation,” he said.

“She is right. As an Indian, I would never want India to become communal,” Farooq said adding, “It is a secular Nation. All of us Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs, whoever they are, they are part of the nation. Therefore, you need a leader who will hold all of us dear to him and take this country forward to a better period.”

In reply to a question about AAP’s allegation that the BJP leadership is conspiring to ensure the fall of the government, Farooq said “Unless and until people want, Delhi government of AAP should run or continue — which has been liked by the people.”

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