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I’ve come back exhilarated, reeling, my head buzzing with everything I heard and saw! I was riveted to my seat for three days, reluctant even to go for a pee or coffee. The sheer diversity and quality of speakers was mindblowing: algorithms to anal sex, Taliban to cia! The clarity and insights with which you conducted the conversations made people reveal themselves with honesty. I’ll be back!

Laila Tyabji

THiNK is very, very inspiring. It completely fascinates me. For the kind of depth with which discussions take place here, we really need millions of people to hear it

Ronnie Screwvala

THiNK! THiNK! THiNK! Everyone gets excited about the international speakers, but what really excites me is to see the real India, be it activists or people, talking about water, Dalit women or tribals. This is the only real platform for the true voice of India

Feroze Gujral

I like the fact that someone values ideas. I like that the activity of thinking, which is considered almost dispensable in our society, is being celebrated. It’s good to see we can discuss ideas beyond the shouting of television studios

Yogendra Yadav

The audience were all seekers, looking for something to move them enough, to cause change in their lives. I am back in Chennai and the question in my mind is, “Now what? How can I change my life, my business, my home and environment? What causes can I align with to create change in the lives of others?” I hope my learning does not fall into a black hole. I hope my answers will be resolved before we see you at THiNK 2014

Gayithri Punjabi-Mirza

I would like to thank you for an extraordinarily organised conference. It was quite remarkable

John Pilger

It was amazing: super thought-provoking, emotionally rousing, the whole nine. I came back with a lot of new ideas, which was brilliant

Mary Abdo

THiNK was among the most intellectually stimulating events I can recall. It was a great honour to be a part of it

Richard Eaton

There is a lot of thinking, a lot of opinions, a lot of interesting things, people, stories. It is a lovely cocktail of life, of attitudes, of experiences, of technology

Kunal Kohli

My highest compliments to you all for what you have created

Gajsingh Bapji

The roster of speakers was extraordinary as was the outcome in learning. Shoma was the real star. She was extraordinary by any standard in the world

Vikram Lal

THiNK is an extension of Tehelka, the urge to raise your voice, to have a debate, which is not necessarily popular but original. The speakers were all independent thinkers. They are bucking the system, creating alternative thinking

Prahlad Kakkar

Tarun’s breadth of vision and Shoma’s skills as an inquisitive, relentless and elegant interviewer produced a result that would be hard to match anywhere in the world

Roberto Toscano


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