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Theatre Director

A book that means a lot to you and why?
1984 by George Orwell. You see the world in a certain way, and then you read a book or watch a play and it changes your entire perception. That’s what 1984 did to me.

Your favourite genre?
Non-fiction. It started with autobiographies and now extends to other things non-fiction. Your favourite character? Tom Joad from The Grapes of Wrath

How many books do you own?
Maybe 50-100 books. Unlike with plays, I don’t have a great attachment to books. I own about 1,000 titles. An underrated book and why? I Was Bono’s Doppleganger by Neil McCormick. He was a school friend of Bono’s and the book is about how Bono made it and he didn’t. It’s written in a lovely way. I laughed out loud while reading it. It’s hard to laugh at real life that way, but he manages to make you.

An overrated book and why?
The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald. It did nothing for me. Didn’t quite understand what the big deal was.

The book you bought last?
Exterminate All the Brutes by Sven Lindqvist. The title is the last line from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, which, unlike the film, was based in Africa. Sven travels to Africa to find out why Conrad said that.

Last book you read?
Terra Nullius by Sven Lindqvist. Lindqvist is a travel writer who explores the abuse of a place. In this book, it’s Australia and the story of the aboriginals.

A book you wish you’d written, and why?
The Outsider by Camus. One never felt that one was being fed big things about life, and yet you were.



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