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Milind Deora , Politician

A book that means a lot to you?
I recently reread Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book after a very long time. I was looking for the DVD of the cartoon and couldn’t find it so I decided to read the book instead. It’s amazing the way the characters are put to life. Contrary to the visual adaptations, it is a very mature and deep book; it’s not meant for kids. I used to love the story and the characters as a child. It’s beautiful and timeless.

Your favourite character?
As a kid, I used to love reading the Sherlock Holmes books. I liked his stories and how they were developed — the suspense, the descriptiveness and the wit. I love the way Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his books.

Your favourite genre?
I haven’t read any fiction in quite some time. Over the last three years, I’ve been reading a lot of biographies and autobiographies. In fact, the last three autobiographies I’ve read have been of musicians.

An underrated book?
A lot of music biographies are underrated. When it comes to biographies, people only want to read books about the likes of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. I think musician’s biographies are far more honest than others, specially political ones. They don’t have any set agenda and are not written to sell an album or win an election.

Last book read? 
Clapton: The Autobiography
 by Eric Clapton. I love his music and really enjoyed reading about his life.

A book you wish you’d written?
W Somerset Maugham’s Then and Now. It’s a very beautiful book. It’s amazing how he’s made Machiavelli look like a very noble person.



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